Beautify - a sneak preview

There has been a small team of us working away on the beautify concept for a few months now. We know the concept, of enhancing UIKit and live-styling iOS apps, is pretty novel. We also happen to think that it is pretty awesome too!

However, it is all too easy to become blinkered when working on something new. Who doesn’t find their own ‘baby’ beautiful and wonderful?

Last week we decided to share beautify with a few hundred developers. I gave a lightning talk at to an audience of iOS developers at iOSDevUK, while Graham gave a similar lightning pitches to mixed audience of developers and designers at Reasons To Be Creative and UX Cambridge.

Graham presenting beautify at ReasonsTo

(Image via @headloose)

I am happy to report that beautify was very well received by both audiences:

It’s great to be able to share a concept like beautify with a room full of people and have it so warmly received.

It looks like we are creating a beautiful baby after all.

So what’s next for beautify? We are hard at work on the beta release that we will be sharing with everyone who has registered an interest.

If you’d like to try out beautify for yourself, why not join them?

Regards, Colin E.