Updates to the beautify beta

Today we have opened up our beta to more of our subscribers, and have also made some updates and improvements. Thanks to everyone who gave their feedback in the first beta round - we have been listening!

This weeks release includes a few enhancements detailed below:

Quick Start

In order to use beautify in your own app you have to add a few frameworks and add a couple of lines of code. Whilst this isn’t that much effort, if you just want to have a play with beautify it would be nice is someone did this for you.

So we have.

In order to make it easier to get started with beautify we have created a simple calculator app for you to download. This app has both the Beautify and BeautifyStreaming frameworks included within the project. You just have to open it up in Xcode, change the credentials used to login to teh design session, and off you go.

You can find details of how to download this app from the Quick Start guide on the beautify beta page.

Improved Previews

One of the neat features of the web-based designer is the theme previews. With this latest release these have been updated to include the highlighted state:

Next step - working switches!


What release is complete without bugfixes? We’ve listened to user feedback and bug reports and spent the week fixing, refining, testing and generally making the experience better.

If you have any thoughts or ideas, please get in touch.

Regards, Colin E.